Military heritage in Luxembourg

As of the first Luxembourgish militia up to today’s modern army, Luxembourg’s military history has been marked by worldwide events. The consecutive operations of the Battle of the Bulge are displayed at the National Museum of Military History. The National Museum of the Resistance describes the fate of clandestines during World War II. The military cemeteries of Luxembourg-Hamm and Sandweiler, as well as the many memorials, confirm the presence of numerous foreign troops on the Luxembourgish territory.

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Cultural heritage in Luxembourg

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Circular walk WWII "Spurensuche"

Where : Luxembourg City

The "Spurensuche" trip (2.5 km) will take you on a tour of discovery...

gelle fra memorial

Documentation Centre for Human Migrations

Where : Dudelange

The Documentation Center for Human Migrations (CDMH) does researches and...

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Espace Muséologique de Lasauvage

Where : Lasauvage

The "Espace Muséologique" in Lasauvage is entirely dedicated...

espace museologique lasauva entente touristique du sud lft

German Cemetery Sandweiler

Where : Sandweiler

During the Second World War, thousands of German soldiers lost their lives in...

german cemetery sandweiler

Local hiking trail - R9

Where : Osweiler

In autumn 1944, Luxembourg was nearly entirely liberated from the Nazi...

photo1 web

Marche Internationale de Diekirch

Where : Diekirch

12, 20 or 40 km hike.

marche de l armee diekirch

Military Cemetery Luxembourg-Clausen

Where : Luxembourg City

placeholder portofolio 1

Museum of the Battle of the Bulge Clervaux

Where : Clervaux

Exhibited are uniforms and weapons that were used during this battle. On the...

bataille des ardennes clervaux 03

National Museum of Military History Diekirch

Where : Diekirch

The National Military History Museum in Diekirch tells the story of the Battle...

mnhm 01 mnhm diekirch lft

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